Monday, August 22, 2016

Tuesday's with Ryan

Every Tuesday that we were in town this summer, our calendar said "Ryan" on it. He spent the day with us and we looked forward to it every week. And now school is starting and our time with him goes back to after-school care. I'm missing our Tuesday rituals and I began to think today about all the life lessons I learned from my seven-year-old grandson this summer.

1) Your shoes should automatically come off when you enter the house. It's a good habit that I try to remember. Life is better with routines!
2) Even doing summer "homework" can be fun and funny if you do it on a big bed with fruit snacks. Life needs some laughter and silliness now and then!
3) Just because you like a certain food, every Tuesday for the entire summer, doesn't mean you can't change your mind at the end of the summer and want something else. Life is about choices!
4) Dryers were meant for clothes that got wet when you help out watering the yard. Life is about getting wet now and then!
5) Don't talk in movies!! I was shushed with a very direct index finger to the lips when I was whispering during a movie. Twice. Life is about following the rules!
6) I finally got better at the game Memory as the summer went on, although I never won. Life is about never giving up!
7) Ryan told me that our house was teeny. I said I thought we had too much furniture and he agreed. He was right by the way. Life is about listening to those you love!
8) It is nice to know that all your "stuff" is in the same place for easy access. Life is about being spoiled now and then!
9) Sometimes quiet is nice. Especially in the car. Life is about just enjoying the ride!
10) And finally, Ryan taught me that loving a grandchild so much is a precious gift. Life is good!